Linksys velop ac4600 is a router that is capable enough to eliminate dead spots from your home and not only dead spots but problems of buffering, slow internet, dropouts, and many more.

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Linksys Velop ac4600 review

Top 5 benefits and features of Linksys velop ac4600

Linksys velop ac4600 tri-band is a smart-performing and intelligent mesh wi-fi system of built-in nodes to provide excellent wi-fi coverage and signals in your home or workplace.

  • It successfully sets up in a few minutes and offers a flawless, super-fast, full-strength wi-fi signal.
  • It is featured with a powerful and smart Tri-Band System that distributes the fastest Internet speed at each corner of your home without any signal disruptions. 
  • Mesh wi-fi system connect virtually with each other in a single network.  If in case, a Node loses its connection, then the remaining units will automatically break the Internet connection.
  • It is sleek, compact with the antenna located at the top for efficient coverage and is designed to keep the excess wires out of our sight. 
  • Linksys App provides and supports quick setup procedure. It permits you to set the parental controls, auto-fix a node through your mobile phone.

Linksys velop ac4600 review is also solid, and one must also look at that before moving forward.

Linksys Velop Triband AC4600 Intelligent Mesh WiFi Router

Linksys Velop ac4600 review

Affordable Tri-Band Linksys VelopAC4600

  • Awesome speed
  • Great service
  • Great signal strength

Linksys velop AC4600 review and setup

Linksys velop ac4600 has a 4.8-star rating with strong reviews by the users like 

  • Awesome speed
  • Great service
  • Great signal strength 
  • Great bridge mode and many more But it does not stop here, and it has some negative points too like,
  • Sometimes signal dropouts

These above mentioned Linksys Velop ac4600 review would help you in making perfect purchasing decisions.

Now, you all must have a question about how to perform Linksys velop ac4600 setup. So to know the same, Continue your reading. You will soon reach your answer.

Linksys velop tri-band is a revolutionary device, isn’t it that offers users a speedy internet with strong security. 

To access the internet with the help of Linksys velop ac4600 tri-band, you will need Linksys velop ac4600 package, so that you can easily buy single nodes or a packet of three.

It will not be possible for one to connect more than three nodes to a single Linksys velop ac4600 tri-band whole home. 

If you want to connect more than three nodes, then you will be required to create another network.

Some other requirements for the Linksys velop ac4600 setup is an Ethernet Port in your Router or internet Modem.

You will need to download the Linksys app, that is available for free on the Apple App Store as well as on the Google Play Store.

So let’s begin:

Initial Setup of Linksys velop ac4600

The process of the setup that is somewhere responsible for solid Linksys velop ac4600 review starts with plugging in one of the Linksys velop ac4600 tri-band nodes.

Try and connect the power as well as network cables to turn ON the node that will, in turn, convert in blue color. 

The node will boot now, and as it boosts, install the Linksys app in your mobile device. Once you have successfully installed the app, then launch the app and then follow the below-given steps.

Users have given solid Linksys velop ac4600 review and which also depends on its setup process so to continue with it, read the instructions.

  1. Click on Launch Setup button, and as you will tap, the app will search for its first node.
  2. Then the light on the node will turn purple, that means, the Linksys app has located your device.
  3. Now, tap on next button, and you will be asked to form an account to connect with the intelligent mesh wi-fi system.
  4. Now, the next screen that pops up will prompt you to set a valid name for the network along with the password. Try to create a strong password that will consist of numbers, special characters, and alphabets.
  5. Try to give a name to the node, based on your nodes place or location. If no default option is applicable, then tap on the “different name”? and then give it some different name.
  6. Congratulations!!, your first node is now successfully set up. Now, you can tap on Next button and then move to the next screen from where you can easily add another node or finish the Linksys velop ac4600 setup process.

You can also check the Linksys Velop ac4600 review. It also comments that Linksys ac4600 supports easy setup process.

Adding Another Node to Velop ac4600

If you want to add another node to Velop ac4600, then you will have to plug it into a power socket.

Tap on Another Node on the Linksys app, and then follow the steps given on the app. Linksys ac4600 will do all the work effectively this time. 

All you have to do is to let your app know when the light on the Linksys ac4600 node is purple. When it turns purple, then give a unique name to the node.

The central Velop ac400 node will send the configuration to the second and third nodes. It will take at least 15 minutes, and as a result, you will have a 3-node Linksys ac460 mesh up as well as running.

Linksys Velop ac4600 is an ideal router to access internet service in a large building without modifying or interchanging the networks. 

The Linksys Velop tri-band nodes let you stay firmly connected to a single network till you decide to add three or more nodes.

You will like the functioning and performance of Linksys velop because of its speed, features and safety devices.

 Linksys Velop tri-band Firmware

Timely and adequately updating your Velop ac4600 firmware let us keep the wireless features current and also solve many performance issues.

This portion of the article will let you know about how to upgrade the Linksys Velop ac4600 automatically. Linksys Velop ac4600 review also has excellent support for its firmware.

It is well suggested that you should enable the automatic firmware upgrades option.

If you want to upgrade the firmware manually, then you should first download the version from the Linksys support website in your computer system and then use it to update your node. 

There are mainly two ways to update the firmware of your device:

Linksys app

 Step 1:

 Firstly, open the Linksys app in your mobile device.

Step 2:  

 Now, log in to access the Velop ac4600 dashboard.  

linksys Velop ac4600 dashboard

 Step 3: 

 Next, click on the Menu icon that you will find on the upper-left side of the screen.

Step 4:

 Now, click on Network Administration.

 Step 5:

 By default, your Automatic Firmware Update option is enabled, and it will update the firmware whenever a new version for your extender is detected. 

If you have two or more node in your Velop ac4600, then each will be upgraded.

 If in case, you have turned OFF Automatic Firmware Update then you will receive a prompt when a new firmware version is detected. 

When you receive such prompt, tap on Update Available to update your device firmware.

 Step 6:

 Avoid unplugging or restart your extender during this upgradation process. Please wait till the light on your node turns solid blue as it indicates that your Linksys Velop ac4600 tri-band is ready again.

Web interface

 follow the steps mentioned below to do the same. 

 Step 1

On a computer device connected to your Linksys wi-fi, open an internet browser to access your system’s web interface. 

Step 2:

Now, click on Connectivity that is under Router Settings.

 Step 3:

The Automatic box is checked by default to permit automatic firmware upgrades whenever the latest version is detected. 

If you have two or more node in your network, then each will be upgraded. 

If you disable this automatic feature, then you will have to tap on the Check for Updates button to verify if a new firmware version is available and upgrade your ac4600 Velop system. 

  • Avoid unplugging or restarting your Linksys Velop system while upgrading your system’s firmware.
  • Wait till the light of your Linksys Velop node turns solid blue, indicating that your device is all set again.