Top 10 benefits and features of Linksys Velop ac3900

In This article we will find about Linksys Velop ac3900 Review.

Linksys Velop ac3900 is an extender that helps in eliminating loading, buffering, slow Internet, dropouts, and many more.

So let us discuss the top 10 features and benefits of Linksys Velop ac3900:

Linksys Velop ac3900

Linksys velop an intelligent mesh wifi system, 3-pack white (ac3900)

1.    Mesh wifi Self-Optimizes

to make sure about one of the Best Performance Possible featuring with Mesh Technology.

Velop Linksys is an intelligent and adaptable mesh network that regularly self organizes to search for the most transparent channel for your device.

2.     Fast as well as Reliable WiFi

No matter whether you are streaming 4K content, gaming, or studying.

Velop Linksys provides high-speed wifi to make the sure effective performance even at the time when multiple wifi devices are connected.

3.    Sleek, Compact, as well as Stylish

Each Velop Linksys node is sleek and compact that blends seamlessly with the home décor.

Nodes are readily available in white or black color, so you can select the color according to your choice, particularly matching your room’s style or color.

4.    Future Proof as well as Secure

We must be thankful for its automatic software updates as Linksys Velop Tri-band keeps your wifi system safe, secure, and up-to-date.

The mesh network also offers access to the security features, permitting you to selectively block the content and even put a halt to the Internet for your family time.

5.    Voice Support

Linksys velop ac3900 allows you access to several useful voice commands. For example, you can quickly just verbally turn Guest wifi ON or OFF according to your requirement by saying, ‘Alexa, ask Linksys to turn on or off my guest wifi.’

You can even manage your home wifi anywhere and anytime with the help of Linksys App. With this, you can easily manage and monitor the home wifi remotely through a smartphone.

Linksys Velop AC3900 setup

Yes!! It is the truth that without the Internet or the wifi, one cannot even dare to imagine their life. In this era, we all depend on the Internet, either for study, gaming, or entertainment. People get irritated when the home router provides a slow speed of the Internet.

In this world, everything depends on only one thing that is speed.

So why should we compromise with it, and here we will learn about Linksys velop ac3900 Dual-band setup.

Before we learn about the Linksys Velop ac3900 setup, you will be required to know what the wifi mesh system and Velop Linksys are in short. Linksys velop tri-band is a high-speed performance modular wifi system that forms nodes to offer high-speed wifi signal and coverage in your entire home.

It supports a straightforward setup process and will hardly take a single minute, so you don’t need to worry regarding it. Once you have performed the setup, it gives an ultrafast and full-strength signal and coverage even in remote areas.

The Linksys velop ac3900 is available to you in different packages like one node, two nodes, three nodes, and many more. So, you can easily purchase these according to your wish.

Linksys velop intelligent mesh wifi system, 3-pack white(ac3900) setup

There are different methods available for Linksys velop ac3900 setup. Continue your reading to know the same. And then choose the particular way according to your wish.

Initial connections for Linksys velop ac3900 Dual-band setup

Before you begin with the installation of velop Linksys, you should have an active net connection.

If we talk about the traditional Linksys extender’s setup, you will need to connect a laptop or your computer system to the router, to begin with, the configuration.

But here we are dealing with the Linksys velop tri-band setup, and then you don’t require any computer system or laptop.

This setup process can be easily done with the help of a mobile phone. You need to download as well as install an app on the device.

With the help of that app, you can very quickly set up your device.

You will now know about the steps to set up the initial connection of Linksys Velop intelligent mesh wifi system, 3-pack white (ac3900).

So, here we go:

Step 1:

You have to download the Linksys Velop Setup through any app store.

Once you have finished the download and installation, you will need to create an account.

Step 2:

Take the help of an Ethernet cable that has come with your device to connect it to the velop Linksys Ethernet port and modem.

Now, to turn ON the device, you will need to plug the power cable. At the time you will start the node, you will notice light blinking blue.

When the blinking blue light turns solid, it means that the node is turned ON and has successfully started working.

Step 3:

Might be you have already purchased node packages like 1 or 2 or 3 nodes etc. package.

Firstly, you will be required to set up the primary node. This node will be effectively connected to your internet modem.

Linksys Velop ac3900 setup using Linksys app

You can effectively perform the Linksys Velop tri-band setupprocess through the app. You are just required to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, download and open the Linksys app and then click on the launch setup button.
  • Now, you will notice many options under which you will have to choose the Velop system.
  • Next, tap on the Linksys extender setup button to agree to the terms and conditions. Note that the term and condition will appear only once.
  • The Bluetooth of your mobile phone is used to configure the system, so you will require to turn ON the Bluetooth. Might be, you require to turn ON the location services as well.
  • Next, the Linksys Velop ac3900 Setup app will look for the primary node in your network, and it will try till it finds your device and correctly connects with it. Once you are successfully connected, tap on the Next button.
  • Next, you will notice the option to create a Linksys cloud account, so you will have to create an account through your email address and a password and then move to the next page. In other cases, if you already have an account, then you have to log in to your account.
  • Next, you can notice the change wireless network setting option. The network name will be your wireless network, and you require to create a password to connect with the wifi network. You will have to remember the setting that you modified. Now, tap on the Next button.
  • Now, your mobile will connect with the wifi that you have created. Now launch the Linksys app once again and then continue with the setup procedure.
  • Choose the location of the primary node. The area can be your room, office, garage, etc. When the setup process is completed, then it will send you a success message.

So, here you have finished with the Linksys Velop ac3900 setup. Linksys velop tri-band is an extender with sound features, but before reaching any decision, look at Linksys velop ac3900 review.

Advantage of Linksys velop intelligent mesh wifi system, 3-pack white (ac3900) than a wireless range extender

Instead of entirely depending on a single wireless router at one corner of the home or workplace, you can work with several velop Linksys hotspots to create a mesh network.

It acts as a single network for your whole wireless gadgets.

Your device can jump between Velop nodes when you roam around your house, so the mobile switches to the strongest signal.

When you work with a range extender, then the speed of your wireless network will be reduced.

As you connect the number of devices with a single extender, your network is divided into different parts, and as a result, it will not offer an effective Internet speed.

Therefore the Linksys velop tri-band is one of the best for the high-speed wifi.

If, you want to check the speed of the Linksys Velop ac3900, you can do the same in two ways.

  • The first method of verifying speed is- Launch the website of Linksys then fill the fields of your Linksys cloud account essentials. Then click on the sign-in button. Upon login, you will notice the dashboard, and here you can tap on the speed check.
  • The second method-Linksys app. If you have installed this app on your mobile phone, you have to launch it and then log in to your account. Click on the main menu, and there you can view the option of speed check. By using the mobile phone, you can very quickly verify the speed of your network.

It was about your Linksys velop dual-band setup.

If you come along any problem, then do not forget to take a view at Linksys velop ac3900 manual. Here you will get the detailed solution for any of your questions.

Linksys velop ac3900 review

With a 4.00-star rating, this device has some pros and cons. Consider these before making purchasing decisions.

Let’s look to at Linksys velop review:

Pros –

  • Great speed and range
  • Straightforward setup process
  • Amazing wireless coverage even to remote areas
  • Simple

Cons –

  •  sometimes signal drops out

So these are some Linksys velop review that you must consider.

You can take an informative tour to Linksys velop ac3900 manual and search for the effective and best-detailed solution to all your irritating Internet and Linksys Velop ac3900 setup related problems.

If then, your problem is not solved, then you can directly contact the official website of Linksys velop tri-band as we don’t provide any technical help through our article.